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i haven't played for a couple of years,
but i'm done with school! /cheer.
i'm definitely trying to get back on the game,
so if anyone still plays maybe we can get together
and do some endgame stufffff :)

also, if there is anyone on here that
remembers my char that would be so cool!
i miss the good times on ffxi
and i wish all my old friends still played!

(75RDM taru)

p.s. anyone know some stuff about ffxiv? :)

I used play FFXI about four years ago and stopped because my life just got too busy.  Anyways, thanks to a friend, bigkaos, I'm going to get on again some time in the next four months.  My first go around I leveld THF to 27, MNK to 15, WHM to 5, and it took me over a year to do all that.  Needless to say, I wasn't the best at that game. 
Here's my plan on what to do this time, because hopefully a little bit of planning and four years of growing up will go a long way.

I plan to be a Bastokian Hume, starting as WHM.  Chronologically, here's my plan.
WHM -> 18, do the sub-job quest
WAR/WHM -> 15
THF/WAR ->30, unlock DRG
DRG/WAR -> 30
DRG/THF afterward.

That gives me a range of decent subs for DRG, as well as /WHM for my THF for farming, correct?  I know I'll have to level higher than that, and I'll also have to get /NIN at some point to keep THF up as my sub, and maybe /SAM because I heard that's good from DRG/SAM.  With my plan I'll have /WAR, which is a good thing to level NIN and SAM with, right?

Any thoughts or suggestions for things I could do better?  Like I said, hopefully I can be smarter with money and just all around a better player this go around and get a bit further than last time.  Plus I've already got friends on this server, so that should help me out too, right?

Thanks and hopefully I'll see you around Garuda when I start playing!

Fading Dreams [userpic]

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Fading Dreams [userpic]

Happy birfday to me!

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Fading Dreams [userpic]

Wow, its been a while since anyones posted over here.. I wonder how many people actiually still watch this community...

Anyways, Darknessfury here. The name might be familiar to some of you, others probobally dont care.

Recently, I hit level 75, which I thought might bring some fufillment to my stay on Garuda server.. Much to my dismay, it hasnt. I remember when I was in my 40's, everyone who was in my LS who had a high level job would say "just wait till the 60's! It will get better!" 60 finally came, after months of farming, and fighting... By that time everyone was 75, and I had lost the oppertunity to fufill a promise that I had made to someone I cared for because it took me so long to get there.. Then everyones song changed. "When you are 70, we can invite you to do more stuff with us! You are almost there." I began farming once again to get better gear, and make myself a better player. Months passed, 70 came and once again the gap was pushed back... More time passed and I completed my task of getting Dark Knight to level 75. Now that I am 75, I have been eager to do level 75 things. Fight powerful monsters, advance through various storylines, just... finally get to enjoy the game. My friend "Stapler" whom a few of you are familiar with, knows how my first night as a 75 was spent... Camping a NM in Giddeus. (No we didnt get the drop) But I mean, I could have done this with a variety of other jobs that I have leveled somewhat. The nights that followed werent any better. Evolving into me just staying around online to participate in Besiegeds.

The disclaimer when we sign onto the game is no joke. Over the course of the 2+ years I have been playing, I have lost contact with some (formerly) very good friends. I have lost a lot because of this game... and yet I sign in, night after night, to stare at my screen, and hope I can finally do something worthwhile. Sure, I've helped countless people. Given away at least a million in gil and items to new players. But I have yet to accomplish something that ~I~ wanted, other then getting the job I loved to level 75.

I have had some great encounters in Vana'diel, and made some wonderful friends. But the enjoyment I get from the game is starting to fade away at an alarming rate.

If I cant find something soon, the thing that I have worked so hard in creating will be nothing. And although I would hate to see Darknessfury fade into nothingness.. It might be for the best.

In case this is the last time you hear from me, it has been an honor and a Pleasure. My thanks go out to everyone on Garuda who has made my stay that much better.

And I would like to thank the person who got me on Garuda in the first place.. She knows who she is.

"Emotions only fuel my power. Rage be my sword, and no foe shall stand in my way. Pride be my armor, and I shall feel no pain. Love be my guide, and I shall never lose sight of my way."
~Darknessfury, William W.

(ぅ~´)っ [userpic]

Hi, I recently joined Garuda server after being fed up with politics on Seraph server. On Seraph I was Kajidoh - 74SM/64BLM/47WHM/32PUP. Now I'm Hraesvelgr, WHM6 running around in Bastok trying to survive as a tarutaru.

Drop me a line sometime :D

After a super long andunexpected hiatus.
I will be treturning to the game this weekend.

I was workign an ungodly amount of hours between my two jobs, and too braindead to concentrate enough to get myself a party. I even boguht and installed the expansion....

Anyway I hope to still see most of you around ....feel free to pop on and say hi because chances are I will be on all day saturday.

And feelf ree to go back to inviting me for quests and such again.

Your Truly,

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Minimaru [userpic]

Not of the greatest quality but here's a bunch of screenshots!

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Dan [userpic]

Image hosting by Photobucket
Win win win! d(o.o)b

(sorry if I ate someone's bandwidth with no ljcut heh... ><)

Fading Dreams [userpic]

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